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Mountainbike United is your direct access to strong communities and the greatest experiences.
Ride the world!
Plan, meet, ride, explore, share, evolve.
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A digital experience-based community for mountain bikers, by mountain bikers.
  1. Community
    Find and join new communities. Create meetups and groups. Share your experiences and follow your friends.
  2. Trails and Adventures
    Find the perfect trails, attend events, explore the world and update your bucket list.
  3. Learn and Explore
    Become a better rider, sign up for technical courses, build trails or join group trips to great destinations.
  4. SafetySafety
    Ride safe on the trails with TILT and attend annual first aid courses.
DKK 49 / MTH
Trail Guide
Discover new trails and navigate to the trail head.
Ride the World
Your personal trail collection. Show the world where you ride on your map.
Trail Angel
Love a specific trail? Donate more wherever you are.
Strava Sync
No worries we connect your data with Strava.
Plan a new trip and invite your buddies.
Today Feed
Your daily mountainbike news fix from your buddies, favourite brands, shops or travel agencies etc.
Follow Group
Follow your buddies, brands, favourite shop or trails and get hot news.
Track Your Ride
Save and share your adventure on the bike.
Personal Profile
See your rides and your stats.
Upcoming Events
See your next events in your today feed.
Your Group
Brand? Rider? Shop? Make a group and connect with your audience.
Shows all you need to know of upcoming events and meetups.
Poke your friend - coming during 2021
Throw personal notifications to your friends.
Follow Trail - coming during 2021
Follow your favourite trails to get important information.
Trail Note - coming during 2021
Tell other riders and the trail boss about trail conditions.
Trail Calendar - coming during 2021
See when the next trail day, meetup or event is scheduled.
MUD (Denmark only)
The national Danish mountain biking community for everyone with an interest in mountain biking culture. MUD is an association under DGI with all the benefits this provides. 20% of your subscription goes to the Danish mountainbike trails and is distributed by MUD.
VIP Goodies
Premium members will receive more value for the money from our trusted partners.
TILT (Android only)
Crash alarm that notify other riders on the trail, or text message to people of your choice.
Offline Custom Maps - coming during 2022
Download trail specific maps and enjoy your ride even when you are offline.
Membership is renewed automatically. The subscription can be terminated at any time and with one month's notice before expiration. Mountainbike United Premium only costs 49 DKK per month.
Build, ride and evolve the trails and the sport.
  1. For all levels of dedicated riders.
    For the playful, the adventurous, the ambitious and those who just love a hard (and fun) ride in the woods.
  2. For the hard-working trail builders and land owners.
    For those who work to make the trails fun, safe and accessible to all of us. (Thanks, by the way!)
  3. For all the clubs and the skilled instructors.
    Because the passion and talent belong in the clubs. And because they offer training and good experiences - even for those who are not members.
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“We started as the best trail guide on the market. Now we want to change the sport and take over the world with our community for dedicated mountain bikers”
Morten Kamp Schubert
Founder, Mountainbike United
Read much more about our platform and concept in this article on TechSavy (danish).